The Trees for Wealth (TfW) aims to connect sustainable livelihood solutions and entrepreneurship, with climate change interventions and environment protection
2 million fruit trees and 3 million non-fruit trees by 2025 | 10 million fruit trees and 10 million non-fruit trees by 2030 | 200 million fruit trees and 500 million non-fruit trees by 2035 | 1 billion fruit trees and 2 billion non-fruit trees by 2050

The Entrepreneurs Associates 

The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and creating sustainable livelihoods in the North Eastern states of India. This is achieved through the cultivation of a transformative social mindset, facilitated by intensive incubation, mentorship, as well as providing credit and market connections, all while maintaining a strong commitment to advocacy of uplifting and sustaining the local economy. tEA nurtures the ambitions of both individuals and communities, with the goal of driving economic growth and greater involvement of local residents in economic activities for promoting social equity and harmony.

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Intercropping under Trees for Wealth

An innovative addition to the TfW movement is the intercropping undertaking. Taking cognisance of the fact that farmers may be discouraged by the extended waiting period awaiting fruition of their trees and care needed by the saplings in the first few years of raising the fruit trees, tEA has introduced numerous cash crops and spices to be grown simultaneously. This has been done so with the aim of creating another means through which farmers can become more economically secure and increase cash flow.

Intercropping is an age-old practice in the Naga hills, and a practice that many continue to practice in their farms and kitchen gardens. As such, scaling an already known practice would substantially help farmers generate income. The crops introduced through this are, Potato, Perilla, Native Chilies, Turmeric, Zingiber Ginger/Naga Spicy Ginger, Sesame, Jobs tears, Millet, Yam, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Tomato, Beans & Cabbage, crops that farmers are familiar with in traditional farming practices. These crops can be planted in the same plot and can generate quick passive income for farmers as they wait for the fruit trees to bear fruit.

Success Stories

“ What my school education could not teach me in 17 years, The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) taught me in 6 months”
Nitoshe Sheqi
1st Generation Entrepreneur BEST Trainee 2009
“ In 2021, I earned almost 1 Million rupees by selling persimmon saplings to the Trees for Wealth (TfW) movement of The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA)”
Vephutso Testeo
81 Years Old Farmer