Our Legacy

The story of The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) is unequivocally unique given it’s evolution through phases that speak of a much deeper calling; more than just a professional engagement for its founding members. The seed of The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) was sown much before the organisation was formally launched in 2000, a testament of the path breaking powers that lie in the hands of young people convicted and driven by a clear vision and purpose provided through visionary leadership.

In 1992, our CEO Neichute Doulo, then a young teenager concerned about the growing aversion to manual work among the youth decided to convince his friends to participate in an initiative to demonstrate dignity of labor by taking up porter’s jobs, loading and unloading of trucks, selling newspapers and other jobs considered menial, on the streets of Kohima. This initiative called the ‘Beacon of Hope, sowed the seeds of tEA, convincing Neichute that change can be ushered in, if one believes in the cause.

Years later, after receiving the Ashoka fellowship, The Entrepreneurs Associates was launched in 2000 along with like-minded friends who constituted the first Core group/members of tEA.



In September 2000, Neichute Doulo who was recently selected for the Ashoka Fellowship, assembled a group of about 20 of his closest friends and associates who had participated in some of his prior ventures. He shared his vision and concept about the ‘Entrepreneurs Associates while at the same time also announcing his plan to resign from his then teaching engagement to dive headlong into shaping his idea.

The future SEOY awardee invited them to participate in the new undertaking as they camped for two days at the Kohima Tourist Lodge to discuss road maps for the organization that he was convinced could be one of the solutions to intervene and contribute for effective social transformation.

The meeting led to the creation of the non-profit organisation ‘Entrepreneurs Associates’ with 16 founding core team members committing to contribute Rs 500 per month towards the corpus, even as some friends decided to back out. The fund would form the base of the crowd funding initiative expected to launch and support young people to take up entrepreneurship as a part of building the nation. The founding core team members led by Neichute Doulo as the coordinator included Kudecho Khamo, Shekhoto Resuh, Vekhosayi Nyekha, Zapucho Tetseo, Kedunyi Khape, Wetso Mero, Zhopayi Nakro, Deo Movi, Weku Mero, Kovetso Venuh, Thepuphi Kapuh, Jonathan Doulo and the Green Valley Society which included three members Kennedy Khutsoh, Khosato Huire and Kesalie Thopi.

For some initial months they functioned without any office but eventually felt the need to get a space for operation. They identified a small one roomed wooden office at Kitsubozou Colony of Kohima, which belonged to Wetso’s father. On 4th August 2001, they formally inaugurated the office by inviting R Kevichusa, IAS, who was the then Commissioner & Secretary, Roads, Bridges & Housing.

After the formal dedication and launch, the group gathered to plan strategies for revolutionizing the degenerating entrepreneurial scene in the state. A few of them were also running small enterprises and shared their own personal stories over a cup of milk tea which they must have ordered from a nearby hotel. Thereafter the EA members commenced the pioneering work of remaking the non-existent entrepreneurial scene in the state.