tEA provides opportunities for students to learn from the professional space through a vibrant internship program, that offers them a window to witness community development initiatives and programs.  Our internship can range from a few weeks to a few months, at all our office locations across Nagaland and Manipur.


(Batch 2021)

Interning at EA has been anything but monotonous. Everyday was a new learning experience.
The people at EA are diligent, fueled with perseverance.
One of the many things that I've learned from EA is the importance of empowering one another and uplifting each other.
My experience at EA is one that I will cherish for a long time.

Bonoto Achumi
Jindal School of International Affairs
O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana
(Batch 2021)

As a student whose first year of college was conducted entirely on MS Teams, I was reluctant to enroll in any virtual internship. Being determined to do a physical one within Nagaland, I enquired at some places, but these were not meant to be. (Very) luckily, I came across one of EA’s social media handles, where I learned that it was taking interns. So, I applied right away. And now, I can confidently state that this was one of the best decisions, as far as my learning journey is concerned.

At first, I did not know what to expect because I had a minimal idea about EA. But I began to realize that this was due to EA’s preference of working at the ground level and maintaining low media presence, which is just one of its several unique principles.

The main task assigned to me was the ‘Street Vendors Survey 2020-21’. It involved interviewing around 200 street vendors hailing from Kohima and surrounding villages, mainly asking them about the impact of lockdowns on their daily lives. It was a massive eye-opener for me. Asking many questions and receiving a variety of feedbacks, I learned not only about the financial and personal difficulties these women faced but also about the intricate details of our society in general (Eg. Daily affairs in lower-income Naga families).
It exposed me to an unfamiliar layer of the contemporary Naga society fabric through compelling conversations with young and old, near and far. On the other hand, the calls were sometimes a good test of patience too!

The tomato episode was perhaps the highlight of the internship. 9000+ tomatoes from Longkhum village arrived in a truck one early morning, and soon we were unpacking, lifting, shifting, and sorting. It was a tremendous physical test, but the team spirit was buoyant, which enabled me to contribute to my best ability.
I am humbled, but more importantly, inspired by the people working here. Every individual irrespective of their designation/position is hardworking and driven by a sense of purpose. Doing the best in their capacities and bringing it together as a team, with humility, is what makes EA the organization it is today.

(Note: Bonoto is currently pursuing winter school program in the UK as part of the University’s curriculum)

(Batch 2022)

My experience in EA was something different for me but in a positive way. I got the opportunity to work under the project ‘Trees for Wealth’. I learnt alot working with the employees of EA like how to multitask, to be punctual and also in building my confidence. I, myself, is an introvert but working in EA has given me the opportunity to open up to people and to come out of my cocoon. I believe that EA has mold me to become somebody in life people will look up to. My one month as an intern was not a waste but each day was a blessing. Thank you Entrepreneur Associates for the wonderful opportunity.

C-Edge College, Dimapur
(Batch 2022)

"My experience at EA has been outstanding.
This internship has been a valuable one in that I have learned how to work with many types of people in many types of situations, I learned that customer service is hard, you can not please everyone. Having this internship has been a great lesson in how to cope with real problems and situations.
I now feel more prepared to obtain my goals and have the career I have always wanted.”

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