About Us

Rooted in the belief that entrepreneurial development will help foster change in Nagaland and the Northeast at large, The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) has been working in the region for 24 years.

Conceived at a time when Nagaland was in the midst of permeating social-political unrest, The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) envisioned economic development as the key to steer minds away from the social unrest and political turmoil; and focus on a larger goal of development of both self and community

tEA believes that developing entrepreneurship and livelihood could create sustainable change where all are empowered economically and can nurture social justice, peace and equity.

Over the last 24 years, tEA has been able to assist First Generation Entrepreneurs (FGEs) begin various enterprises, promote local indigenous farmers and explore livelihood options in rural areas of the state among other projects and ventures. We hold multiple trainings and seminars for entrepreneurship and skills development for various groups including youth, entrepreneurs, farmers and women.

With a core belief that Nagaland and the Northeast region can progress and grow only when the local communities are empowered, tEA’s work has been focused on supporting individuals and groups from communities to create opportunities, wealth, and employment.

Recognizing the multiple linkages within and beyond the market, tEA’s model has been designed to support all involved in such networks and for all to gain benefits beginning from the entrepreneurs, farmers to street vendors who play a significant role in creating and maintaining rural-urban networks. By addressing these linkages, the need for development of entrepreneurship has been identified whereby more opportunities can be created, income generated and local communities empowered to create sustainable change and livelihood.

tEA team outside the first tEA office in early 2000
tEA team outside the first tEA office in early 2000