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EA from Nagaland selected as one of 100 grantees for EdelGive Foundation’s GROW fund

Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) from Nagaland has been selected as one of the 100 top NGOs selected as grantees for the EdelGive Foundation’s GROW fund in India.

“The audacious program of Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) to plant 2 million fruit trees by 2025, 200 million by 2035 and 1 billion by 2050 in the north eastern region of India will combat climate change and trigger Rs 1 trillion economy generating 3 million jobs in the region. We are so excited to get the support of Grow Fund in our initial years. This is a big push to unlock the audacious vision of EA,” EA CEO Neichute Doulo told The Morung Express.

This will combat climate change and create a cleaner environment. It will generate about 3 million jobs- 1 million jobs directly through micro orchards and nurseries, another 2 million jobs through allied industries of food processing, sales and logistics in the North East Region of India, he maintained. 

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Trees for Wealth: tEA to plant one billion fruit trees by 2050

The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) is targeting to plant 1 billion fruit trees by 2050 under ‘Trees for Wealth’ (TfW) for shared prosperity and sustainable development.

tEA CEO, Neichute Doulo said that TfW movement launched by tEA on November 22, 2019, is a first of its kind to bring about a revolution in the local economy alongside restoring and conserving the environment through the wide scale plantation of fruit trees.

Addressing a press conference here today, he said that the slogan ‘Micro by One, Volume by Mass’ is built on the unique land holding system and social structure of ethnic communities of Nagaland and Manipur states particularly, and the North East region  in general.

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